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ST Suites

This project is located at the site of the first resort in Sayan, famous for its majestic view and its glorious past as a hibernating destination for world’s celebrities.

Consisting of some fifty suites, its new contemporary structure incorporates a couple of architectural works of the late Made Wijaya, a renowned Australian Artist, Landscape Designer, Journalist who was based in Bali.

SAS believes contemporary architecture in general and specifically concrete-blocks structure could interact seamlessly with nature without ‘destroying’ it. The new architecture for Sayan Terrace is designed to vanish within the lush forest at the slope of Sayan ridge.

The boundary between indoor and outdoor is blurred, and interconnecting spaces, despite an expansive site partly spread over challenging topography, are naturally formed between the public and private spaces.

  • 2021Sayan, Bali, Indonesia