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Villa S

Nested on a steep slope of the quiet Malino Highland, the villa beholds its status as probably the first contemporary architecture in the area. The architectural composition of simple geometry in visual concrete expression seamlessly camouflages within the lush array of mountain pines surrounding it.

The site’s challenging topography enables dynamic multi-level spatial programming, each level connected to a spacious garden terrace for outdoor activities. Guests arrive at the villa on the site’s highest level, carry out their daily activities on the semi-private middle level and end each day at the master bedroom located on the site’s lowest and most private level. The largest communal area of the villa, a double ceiling library with a large opening to the pine forest, is linked directly to the dining area through a mezzanine.

Being in a location where one would wish to laze outdoor, the design places a strong emphasis on seamless connectivity between the villa’s interior and its natural exterior, with large openings carefully positioned to maximize the view and enrich the spatial experience at any interior spots.

  • LocationMalino, Indonesia
  • Year2018